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Còmhradh Collective

Còmhradh Collective

Flexible Ensemble (variable number of performers)


  • Duncan Strachan - Director/Cello
  • Rhona Coogan - Voice/Yoga
  • Catriona McKay - Clarsach
  • George Smith - Violin
  • Flexible members - - Subject to Change


Every Còmhradh Collective event is different, and unexpected. A wide range of music is performed, ranging from Scottish and Gaelic song and traditional Irish and Scottish harp music, to Baroque music and contemporary compositions by the performers themselves. The setting is informal and musical performances are interspersed with conversations between the artists and audience, along with demonstrations, food and drink, and other activities.


Cellist and composer Duncan Strachan will be familiar to many audiences across Scotland as an active chamber musician in the Maxwell Quartet, Kapten Trio and Spencer-Strachan Duo, as well as a regular guest for Red Note Ensemble, and the artistic director of the Loch Shiel Festival in the Scottish highlands. Duncan's latest project is Còmhradh ("Dialogue" in Gaelic): in conjunction with the Chamber Music Scotland Embedded Musicians programme, the project brings together artists from a diverse range of musical genres and backgrounds to share in a unique live performance which strips away the traditional formalities of the chamber concert experience, creating a warm and relaxed performance space that invites the audience to participate alongside the performers. Expect lots of conversation, yoga demonstrations, cups of tea, live cookery, and of course much intimate music-making that draws on the performers' own backgrounds. The format is designed to draw in an audience from wider backgrounds, and particularly focus on our mental health and wellbeing.

The Còmhradh Collective is a flexible ensemble which brings together different performers for different events, curated by Duncan Strachan in partnership with music promoters across Scotland. The initial project in 2022 features: cellist Duncan Strachan, violinist George Smith, harpist Catriona McKay and voice and yoga coach Rhona Coogan.

The musicians work on a daily rate of £300 per player per day, so each event is to be negotiated individually based on the number of performers and the activities that take place.