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Philip Contini and the Be Happy Band

Philip Contini and the Be Happy Band

Contini's rapport with his audience is consummate

The Scotsman

Passion flows from Contini

The Scotsman

Large Ensemble (six or more performers)


  • Philip Contini - Voice
  • Dick Lee - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Saxophone/Recorde
  • Anne Evans - Flutes/Piano
  • Roy Percy - Double Bass
  • Rick Bamford - Drums/Percussion
  • Phil Adams - Guitar/Mandolin
  • David Vernon - Accordion
  • Olivia Contini - Voice


Classic Italian and Neapolitan Songs and popular songs from the great songwriters of the 20th century such as Cole Porter, Johnny Richards, Richard Rogers, Joseph Kosma, etc. Also, from Philip's sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 1994, the songs of Louis Prima/Keely Smith, The Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Cole Porter, Francesco Paolo Tosti, De Curtis, etc.


Philip Contini sings classic Neapolitan and Italian songs, the songs of Cole Porter as well as songs from Italian American artists such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Louis Prima/Keely Smith. The Be Happy Band, 6+ outstanding musicians, provides sympathetic and colourful accompaniment, with arrangements by Director of Music Dick Lee.

Philip's regular Edinburgh Fringe shows features favourite songs from the whole gamut of vocal styles he has sung during the last 28 years including the Neapolitan and Italian songs of composers such as Roberto Murolo and Franceso Paolo Tosti and the great popular songs of Cole Porter, Dean Martin, The Rat Pack and Louis Prima.

Promoters are invited to choose a favourite style for their concert or event to enjoy a wide ranging selection from the hundreds of songs in the repertoire.

Philip on Neapolitan song (Radio 3 interview):

"Neapolitans love to tell stories - all their songs tell a story. The story is told in very few words - but a song can tell of someone's broken heart, of the love for our mother or father when they die, or the love of our children. But more often, it's about the love between sweethearts - of young men longing to be with their loved one..."

I sing and tell stories and create some fun...and hopefully make people happy..."

Singer and daughter, Olivia Contini, who has performed with the band over the last two Fringe Festivals is a most welcome addition to the Be Happy Band (with her own fee).

The Be Happy Band can also add Swing or Jazz instrumental overtures and interludes before and during your concert or event.

We are a very versatile and happy band!