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The Rookh Quartet

The Rookh Quartet

'a glorious recital by the Glasgow-based Rookh Quartet...the diversity of music for four horns reflected the range of potential expressive possibilities of this ensemble, from brooding darkness to tumultuous resonance'

Ken Walton, Vox Carnyx, reviewing soundfestival in January 2021

‘…an awesome performance. Great sound…played with such energy’

Corniworld publications

Quartet - Instrumental


  • Andy Saunders - Horn
  • Lauren Reeve-Rawlings - Horn
  • Stephanie Jones - Horn
  • Ian Smith - Horn


The Quartet performs a wide range of works, many commissioned especially for the group with styles encompassing the romantic, baroque, cinematic and hunting calls.

Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. L. Shaw): Fugue in C Minor from Keyboard Toccata BWV 913

Paul Hindemith: Fugato from Sonata for Four Horns

Guillaume Dufay: Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae

Franz Schubert: Morgengruß and Mit dem grünen Lautenbande

Georg Friedrich Händel: Suite in D minor HWV 437

Jane Stanley: Lalla Rookh

Gioachino Rossini: Le Rendez-Vous de Chasse

Nicolai Tcherepnine: selection from Horn Quartet

Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzona a 4

Kerry Turner: Americana 'The West


The Rookh Quartet began life in 2017 when four of Scotland's professional horn players decided to get together regularly to explore - and expand - the horn quartet repertoire. The quartet opted for a very democratic approach, with the players rotating around the seats and everyone having to cover the full 4-octave range of the instrument a lot of the time.

The groups member’s works with all the professional orchestras in Scotland and have performed together in venues and festivals that include The Cathedral of the Isles, Soundfestival, Glasgow `university and Orkney's St Magnus Festival, as well as performing as part of a larger group in the International Horn Society's annual event in 2021.

The first concert also gave the group their name, as they gave the first performance of Jane Stanley's Lalla Rookh, for natural horn, 2 horns, and narrator. The piece is based on a letter written by a former University of Glasgow staff member and amateur horn player, William Thomson...also known as Lord Kelvin. The letter was written as he was anchored in the harbour of Funchal, Madeira, on board the Lalla Rookh. His natural horn can be found in the Hunterian Museum, in the room directly above the University's Concert Hall. To find out more about this piece, visit our website where you’ll find a video detailing Jane’s compositional process.