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Duo b!z'art

Duo b!z'art

The audience was brought alive by the fast, lively tempo and the suddenly transformed into a hypnotising state for the second movement.

Wexford Echo, 24th March 2015

The best was possibly the last piece of the program, Rachmaninov Suite op.11, which is written in his youth, consisting in 6 parts. Here, the two pianists, each with his two hands, were about transformed into one pianist with four. It was a joint use of the grand piano which one seldom can hear the

To sjeler, ett flygel in Grimstad Adressetidende (22/11/15) Translation: A.Torbjornsen

Duo - Instrumental


  • Geoffrey Baptiste - Piano
  • Andre Roe - Piano


Barber Samuel, Souvenirs op.28

Bizet Georges, Jeux d'enfants op.22

Borodine Alexandre, In the Steppes of Central Asia

Brahms Johannes, Hungarian Dances

Chabrier Emmanuel, Souvenirs de Munich

Copland Aaron, Simple gifts from Appalachian Spring

Cui Cesar Antonovitch, Scherzo op.1

Debussy Claude, Six Epigraphes antiques

Escobar Aylton, Seresta op.1

Fauré Gabriel, Dolly op.56

Mac Dowell Edward, Moon-Pictures op.21

Mendelssohn Felix, Andante et Allegro Brillant op.92

Satie Erik, La Belle Excentique

Rachmaninov Sergueï, Suite op.11

Ravel, Maurice, Mother Goose

Tchaikovsky Piotr Illitch, Nutcracker op.71a


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We are the duo b!z'art

Bizarre? What is unusual and unconventional?

Playing the piano with 4 hands, we use 20 fingers of 2 musicians sharing the 88 keys of a piano! This gives a very special show, where the hands intertwined on the keyboard with virtuosity, in order to share music with curiosity, enthusiasm and energy.

We give yearly around 30 concerts across whole Europe (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) as well as in China.

We propose our concerts either as classical chamber music recitals (which we always enjoy to present with various humorous touches), or as musical shows where the concert is experienced as a "complete" experience, during which we bring the audience into a living musical history.

For this, we become both musicians and actors, and we can also project various images during the show to add an extra dimension.

We also propose a musical show specially designed for children from 5 to 12, that we regularly perform either in schools or in theatres.