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"excellent concert.... everyone enjoyed it immensely.... a happy audience!"

Christopher Roads, Music at St Mary's, Aberfoyle

"A delightful afternoon of beautiful music, wonderfully presented and performed, and the whole audience was thrilled."

Katharine Liston, Tahiti Trot events

Quartet - Instrumental


  • Sergio Vega Domínguez - oboe
  • Francisco (Paco) Merino - tuba
  • Eddy Betancourt - violin
  • Pawel Jaworski - clarinet
  • Eric Alfonso - percussion (optional)


Sample programme: Latin American, Troppos + percussion

Veinte Años– Maria Teresa

La Cumparsita– Gerardo Matos Rodríguez

Adiós Nonino– Astor Piazzolla

El Gato Montés– Manuel Penella Morena

El Dia Que Me Quieras– Carlos Gardel

Apañando Aceitunas– Sergio Vega Domínguez

Por Una Cabeza– Carlos Gardel

Gallito– Antonio Parera

Isako (1 mvmt)– Sergio Vega Domínguez

El Vito Andalucia in Alba– Sergio Vega Domínguez

Mambo Influenciado– Chucho Valdes

Baiao Destermperado– Sergio Vega Domínguez

Oye Como Va– Tito Puente

Underground Tango– Goran Bregovic

ENCORE Libertango– Astor Piazzolla


Troppos plays music that wants to be danced to, presenting audiences with passion packed programmes featuring the sounds of Spain and Latin America.

Their members are violinist Eddy Betancourt, oboist Sergio Vega Domínguez, clarinettist Pawel Jaworski and tuba player Francisco Martínez Merino. They are often also joined by percussionist Eric Alfonso.

When Sergio was studying at the RCS he reached out to some fellow students to see if anyone wanted to form a chamber music ensemble that he could then write for. However it wasn’t until during the pandemic that he teamed up with his friend Paco and he began writing for oboe, flute and tuba. Then they teamed up with Eddy who was keen to try out this interesting formation. The group took off and began performing original compositions and arrangements around the country – and in 2023 Pawel Jaworski joined the group as their clarinettist.

Troppos is a synthesis of the traditional orchestral formation, attempting to break the often rigid classical rules, in search of a new, innovative sound. With this programme they create a musical journey through the fascinating cultural melting pot that is Spanish and Latin American music – bringing to their audiences the pure beauty and light of this exchange. Troppos want to reconnect the art of their music with the sensuality of dance.

Troppos have performed in different venues and festivals around Scotland, such as the Govan Gala Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the Pianodrome. They have also collaborated with well-known Scottish composer and filmmaker James Gray, recording commissioned works by him in a studio in Oban.