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Registration for the 2020/2021 Directory is now open. The Directory is used by our network of over 70 chamber music promoters across Scotland to plan their upcoming seasons. Registration costs £30 and the deadline is 8th July 2020. Get started here.

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Maciej Kułakowski Profile Picture

Maciej Kułakowski

Madeleine Mitchell and Friends Profile Picture

Madeleine Mitchell and Friends

Mandolinquents Profile Picture


Mark O'Keeffe & Sasha Savaloni Profile Picture

Mark O'Keeffe & Sasha Savaloni

Max & Alexander Baillie Profile Picture

Max & Alexander Baillie

Maxwell Quartet Profile Picture

Maxwell Quartet

McOpera (Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland) Profile Picture

McOpera (Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland)

Meadows Chamber Orchestra Profile Picture

Meadows Chamber Orchestra

Meraki Duo Profile Picture

Meraki Duo

Miller Violin Duo Profile Picture

Miller Violin Duo

Monzani Trio Profile Picture

Monzani Trio

Murray McLachlan Profile Picture

Murray McLachlan

Murray McLachlan and family Profile Picture

Murray McLachlan and family